Luminaries Photography: Introduction
Roland Ries

Welcome on this site of  fine-art photography "Luminaries", the lights, created to present to you a selection of my photos and photographic work.

Of Luxembourgish nationality, since1970 photography was one of my favorite interests. Mainly the work with filmstrips and the development in the dark room of B&W photos has helped me to get the understanding and respect of the photographic medium. The digital technology has offered me additional possibilities and facilities for developing the artistic  expression. Today still, the fine and sensitive observation of my environment allows me to create, many times spontaneously, artistic images of the subjects as I could see and interprete these.


As far as I am concerned, photography is mainly:

The galleries of photos presented on the site offer the exploration of different subjects, environments, sensations, feelings, ideas.... sometimes designed and planned, sometimes the result of a spotaneous observation. The portfolios present B&W and colour images, complex or minimalistic  compositions, figurative and semi-abstract representations.

Enjoy the visit

   Roland Ries

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